Teacher Grant Application

Central Community Educational Foundation guidelines for selection of grant applications.

Submit the completed grant application by February  2nd.

Preference will be given to the projects that benefit the most students

Strong preference will be given to applications that provide for a one-time purchase of reusable equipment, tools, or permanent collections, rather than travel expenses, or supplies which would be consumed.

The desire is to purchase equipment or tools, or to provide new and enhanced programs that would not otherwise be made available. We do not intend to become part of the ongoing, expected funding source for an existing program or for supplies or other “operating expenses” that should be funded in the ordinary course of the budget of the school.

Other available funding programs or sources should be attempted before requesting funds from this educational foundation.

Preference will not be given to recurring requests. Hopefully these will be one-time requests. The Educational Foundation wants to be careful not to start some program, that would eventually become “fixed costs” to the school district without permission. An example would be providing start-up funding for additional project, which ultimately might result in the necessity to release that of the project, or have the district have to add this to their budget.

Submit the completed grant application by February  2nd. Please be sure application is complete, if not it will not be considered for funding.

Teacher Grants

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