Neil Padgett

Neil Padgett Scholarship

Neil Padgett grew up in a small town in Iowa and as a young boy dreamed of being a basketball coach. He started coaching at Central Community Schools in 1964 with 7th grade basketball and in a few years was named head varsity coach and continued chasing this dream for the next 30 years. Coach Padgett’s greatest passion in life was teaching the fundamentals of the game of basketball to his players. Neil had several accomplishments throughout his coaching career, two trips to the state tournament and a state championship in 1981, coach of the year in 1996, plus induction into the Iowa Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame in 2001. His wife, Vicky Padgett Schuttler has honored him by establishing this scholarship. This scholarship at Central Community High School will enable a boy’s basketball player to continue his education. He will follow his dream and the love of basketball as did Neil Padgett.

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