Iowa Mutual

Iowa Mutual Educational Scholarship

When Iowa Mutual Insurance Company opened for business more than a century ago, first customers were farmers who lived in and around our DeWitt, Iowa office. Today, Iowa Mutual and its wholly owned subsidiary, Iowa American Insurance Company, are still thriving in that same location. The scope has expanded to include homeowners, local industries and commercial businesses throughout Iowa, Illinois and Nebraska.

What has remained constant throughout in their history is a concept “VISION PLUS ACTION”. They’ve always felt it was important to not only have the vision necessary to determine the needs of their customers, but also the ability to put the right solutions into action.

Iowa Mutual and Iowa American have been able to grow and prosper over the years, in large part because they rely on the skills and resources of independent agents. They use their own claims adjusters and marketing representatives so contact with agents is frequent and communication open, honest and reliable. Iowa Mutual continues to build community and choses to participate with Central Educational Foundation in offering a scholarship to Central DeWitt high school students interested in a business career.

Application will be due to the Central Educational Foundation on March 1st yearly.

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