ONE APP: Apply for 22 scholarships with one application

Application Deadline March 14th, 2022

You are submitting an application to be considered for all Scholarships listed below. The information you provide throughout the application will be used to automatically determine your eligibility for each listed scholarship.

  • Bill and Ruth Hanesworth Scholarship (2)
  • David A. and Sandra K. Deke Scholarship
  • DeWitt Police Foundation Scholarship
  • Don Thiltgen Scholarships (2)
  • Donald G. Henricksen Scholarship
  • Dr. Alan R. and Myrna J. Tubbs Scholarship
  • Elvis and Evelyn Wieck Fine Arts Scholarship
  • Florence M. Schrader Scholarship
  • Iowa Mutual Educational Scholarship
  • James D. Owen Jr. Scholarship
  • Krieger’s of DeWitt
  • Lillian Fell Scholarship
  • Mary and Gary Froeschle Scholarship
  • Neil Padgett Scholarship
  • Nellie LeMon Scholarships
  • Paul and Sally Banowetz Family Scholarship
  • Sam Potter Memorial Scholarship
  • The Kilburg Family Scholarship
  • The Mitchell Ertz Memorial Scholarship
  • Tommy C. Capper Scholarship

Warning: Your answers will not be saved until this application is submitted. We highly recommend you copy/paste your answers into another document in case you lose connection with this application prior to submission.

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