photo of Barbara Dull and Max Dull

Barbara K. Dull & Max J.Dull Endowment

Barbara K. Dull (1927-1992)
Max J.Dull (1926-2005)
Barbara and Max Dull moved to Dewitt in the fall of 1961. Max moved his family to become and agency manager for the Farm Bureau. He later became an independent insurance agent and sold insurance for thirty years. With five young children, Barbara worked as a homemaker and mother, volunteering in the community.

Although they did not know it at the time of the move to DeWitt, Max and Barbara would remain in the area, raise their children, creating a lifelong friendships, providing financial security for their family, while contributing to their community and making an impact on the educational foundation of their children’s lives.

Education was always an important part of our family life. We read aloud to each other, we discussed the statistics of sports teams at the dinner table, we argued values during the Vietnam War, we played team Trivial pursuit in hotly contested close matches, and it was always implicit in our family that education was the key to a good life. As children of Max and Barb, the five of us have been well educated, and we wish to assist others to realize the dreams that have come to us through the accomplishment of being a literate citizen in the United States. We thank the people who have formed and will continue to form the educational system of Central Community Schools and we hope to give back in just a small way, what our parents have given to us, by choosing to live their life in DeWitt, Iowa.

We wish to follow our parents’ example. In honor of Max and Barbara Dull, their children, Mary, Tom, Anne, Geraldine, and Teresa wish to honor their parents through creating an endowment for the education of others in the town in which Max and Barb lived, loved and grew old together. This endowment benefits programs grounded in literacy.