Anne Volkman

Anne Volkman Endowment


Anne Volkman dedicated her life to education. She taught Spanish at Central Community High School for over a decade. As a teacher she exuded enthusiasm for not only learning a foreign language, but understanding other cultures as well. In her teaching career she took hundreds of students out of the country for the first time.

My mother was deeply respected for her work and for that, I am so proud. As an educator she worked tirelessly even when tired. As a child, I don’t remember many weekends where my mother wasn’t working on developing some new innovative teaching method or checking papers. She was truly committed to her calling as a teacher. I remember my mother’s first diagnosis with breast cancer in 1994. She kept on teaching despite this. Sometimes she was so ill, she taught from a chair while students brought her water. In 1997 she had to retire from teaching due to pancreatic cancer which eventually took her life in 1998.

If my mom was around today, she would be excited that she has a way to help deserving students further their education. Learning is contagious. It can set off a chain reaction for generations that is immeasurable. Every day when my two year old daughter speaks to me in Spanish, I am reminded of that legacy of learning she passed on to me. I know there are countless others that have been touched by Senora. Through this award we honor her. May the recipient of her award carry with him or her a little of her enthusiasm, energy, and love of learning .

A little of Senora.