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Awarded to Central DeWitt Graduates in 2017
Granted over the last 24 years to teachers
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The program starts with the Construction Technology I, students are learning to use tools safely and effectively. The second class, Construction Technology II, is a class that will introduce different building materials, techniques and terms to the students. The next sequence of classes in the program will be job site based with students actually building a house in the community. Thank you to Ed Foundation for your help getting started.

Lonny Truelson

Thanks to a "sweet" grant from the Central DeWitt Education Foundation, Family and Consumer Sciences partnered with local entrepreneur, Laura Prichard to offer a brand new Baking Fundamentals course.

Dr. Val Betz

We have has over 160 students complete their CNA certification. One of the most impressive aspects of the program is that every single student that has gone into the CNA program has gone on to pass their CNA test and become certified. This program is funded through a number of different projects, the Education Foundation has been a major contributor.

Dave Jenkins